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Landing in Scotland (starter with redheadarchergirl )

After sailing the ocean for a good two months now, Amelia and her mother had finally reached their destination. The boat was turning towards the docks and the wind was dying. This place seemed to have green all around it! Amelia asked herself why would her mother want to sell seeds here? A few minutes passed and the boat anchored. Before Amelia’s mother had gotten off, Amelia rushed down the ramp. “Now Amelia remember the rules! Don’t wonder off to the forest or to the castle!” her mother instructed as she raised her cloak’s hood up. Amelia had nodded and began to run off into the village, her sketch book and bag ready. “Oh and don’t forget to be here by sun set! You’re meeting the royal family!” her mother gave one last shout as she walked off the dock in the other direction.

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